We bring the craft of mobile computing to the  enterprise.




Traditionally, the foundry forges the tools needed by tradesmen to do their jobs.  Mobile computing is now the tool every business needs and it takes a special mastery to forge these tools for business.

Apparatus Foundry knows how to work with you to understand your organization, your customers and your business model in order to build tools that make sense for your organization.   We bring the practical business prospective to a technology that is radically reshaping the way a business interacts with its customers.

To offer the best solution for an enterprise, we prefer a tight-knit partnership that starts from the envisioning stage.  We start with an exchange of ideas as we learn your business and share our understanding of how mobile tools.  Together we forge for your success. 

A few quick thoughts will help you see how we approach our craft and help you determine if we are the right development team for you:

  • Your great business is built upon layers of complexity that you make look easy.  We preserve and compliment the foundation you've created.  
  • You have business practices built on experience. We dive-in to learn the intricacies of your enterprise so that the solutions we build can compliment your work. 
  • We have expertise in creating and accessing extensive backend data structures that we leverage to bring information the mobile app.


We are a high performance team with a track record of success deploying mobile computing across Business, HealthCare and Government.  We've learned mobility from the best resources that Apple, Google, Microsoft and Blackberry have to offer.  We've launched products on all of these platforms.

Incubation Center

We help entrepreneurs start their own companies based on mobile ideas.  We look for experts who know the ins-and-outs of a business space and who have an idea of how mobile technology can change it.  We'll team up with you and as a fellow  stakeholder; we succeed when you succeed.